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Sway Bar End Link Dodge      Due to the heavy demands put on the Dodge Ram 4WD pick-ups, one of those pesky  maintenance items that are so often replaced a multiple-of-times could virtually now be replaced  for the last time! The sway bar end links on the 2000-2009 4WD 2500/3500 (Diesel and HEMI)  are prone to wearing or pounding out, and, even breaking when the truck is lifted on 2-post  vehicle lifts due to the stress of the axel dropping.

  BD's Sway Bar End Links have a Dual Pivot Design that allows for greater amount of articulation  and less stress. Long life Urethane bushing design allows for greater flex without breaking and    will not pound out or seize due to the elements. Things that even the competition would be  envious of.

  All components are designed to be easily serviceable and wearing items are low cost to replace.     Kits come complete with all hardware* and can quickly be installed in approximately 1-hour.

* Trucks lifted more than 3-inches will require sway bar offset spacer which is typically included in most lift kits.

Dodge 2000-2009 4wd 2500/3500 - Part # 1032050

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