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  aFe Power is proud to announce the release of the new F3 Torque Converter line for Ford, Dodge and GM diesel trucks available thru Marken Performance.  If you are looking to put your power to the pavement, you need our F3 Torque Converter. Torque converters are responsible for transferring engine power to the transmission. Single clutch OE torque converters can slip and increase transmission fluid temps. As you add engine performance parts like intakes, manifolds, etc. the factory torque converter’s stall RPM rises thus reducing the available low RPM pulling power. This is where the F3 torque converter comes in. Installing the F3 torque converter will lower your stall speed to as low as 1,200 RPM giving you the perfect range for diesel trucks up to 1,000hp. The results of using an F3 torque converter are improved 0-60mph times (by up to 1-second), increases in towing speeds, lower transmission fluid temperatures and a more satisfying driving experience. The F3 torque converters come with a limited lifetime warranty. 
3-Clutch System: The F3 Torque converters use a 3-clutch pack assembly which offers up to 3 times the torque capacity of the single clutch OE torque converter. This allows crisper shifts in high gears, smoother power transmission and improved pulling power while reducing transmission fluid temperatures.
Round Clutch Tips: Round clutch tips are used to optimize fit and clutch wear. 
Custom Stator: A custom designed stator (with one-way sprag clutch) is used for torque multiplication to stall speed.
Torrington Thrust Bearing: F3 Converters come with Torrington thrust bearings for maximum strength replacing the stock OE plastic bushings.
Billet Steel Front Cover:  The billet steel front cover is used for increased strength and durability over the factory stamped steel cover.  This Billet cover prevents converter ballooning (failure) that is common with OE converters under high torque conditions.
Brazed Turbine Fins: The turbine fins are responsible for transferring the torque from the engine to the transmission.  The F3 turbine fins are brazed for maximum strength even under the harshest conditions and high torque transfer.
Damping Springs: Damping Springs are used on the clutch assembly for a smooth power transition during acceleration, optimizing your available torque.
Reinforced Housing: The one-piece stamp forged steel lid uses reinforced ribs for structural support and ultra-high torque capacity.
Lifetime Warranty: The F3 torque converter comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
DODGE Part Numbers:
43-12011 Model: Ram 2500/3500 Year: 1994-2002 Engine: L6-5.9L (td) Trans: 47RE
43-12021 Model: Ram 2500/3500 Year: 2003-2007 Engine: L6-5.9L (td) Trans: 48RE
43-12031 Model: Ram 2500/3500 Year: 2007.5-2013 Engine: L6-6.7L (td) Trans: 68RFE
FORD Part Numbers:
43-13011 Model: Super Duty F250/350 Year: 1994-1997 Engine: V8-7.3L (td) Trans: E40D-6 Stud
43-13021 Model: Super Duty F250/350 Year: 1994-1997 Engine: V8-7.3L (td) Trans: E40D-4 Stud
43-13031 Model: Super Duty F250/350 Year: 1999-2003 Engine: V8-7.3L (td) Trans: 4R100-6 Stud
43-13041 Model: Super Duty F250/350 Year: 1999-2003 Engine: V8-7.3L (td) Trans: 4R100-4 Stud
43-13051 Model: Super Duty F250/350 Year: 2003-2007 Engine: V8-6.0L (td) Trans: 5R110
43-13061 Model: Super Duty F250/350 Year: 2008-2010 Engine: V8-6.4L (td) Trans: 5R110W
43-13071 Model: Super Duty F250/350 Year: 2011-2013 Engine: V8-6.7L (td) Trans: 6R140
GM Part Numbers:
44-14011 Model: Silverado HD/Sierra HD Year: 2001-2013 Engine: V8-6.6L (td) Trans: A1000



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