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   Let Marken Performance help in warming your Ford Power Stroke engine faster on cold mornings with BD Diesel High Idle Kit part # 1036610 for 2003-2014 Ford 6.0L, 6.4L or 6.7L trucks.  Quick and easy to install, the High Idle switch mounts on the dashboard and taps onto five wires under the dash. The adjustable rotating switch allows for adjustable high idle speed between 900-3000 rpm on 2003-2010 vehicles, and, 1200-2400 rpm on 2011-2014.
   Great to use for remote starters, PTO’s and extended idling applications.  Reserve yours today from Marken Performance.
Note:  The high idle feature will be disabled on 2011-2014 trucks until the engine oil and transmission fluid are at least 20°F (-6°C), this is to protect the engine against damage from over revving with cold engine oil.  Most emission controls will be disabled when in high idle mode. 
It is also available for the Chevy Duramax Diesel:
   # 1036600     2001-2004 Chev Duramax LB7
   # 1036605     2004-2006 Chev Duramax LLY
To activate the high idle, turn your switch into the ON position and switch the cruise to the ON position. This should result in an idle of 800RPM. Press the SET button on,the cruise and the RPM should climb to 1200. Slide the switch to RESUME and the RPM should be at 1800.  

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