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   Mickey Thompson’s New 3052R Outlaw 8.5” ET Drag Radial.  The 3052R uses the same R1 compound as the 275 Pro tire, and measures a 9.9-inch section width, 8.5-inch tread width, an overall diameter of 26.4-inches, and 83-inches in circumference.  “A radial is general five to eight numbers quicker and at least one to two miles per hour faster, and so we wanted to take advantage of that. – Tom Kundrik”.  
   The 3052R is as smooth as a baby’s butt, and the larger 3062R looks just like a 29 x 10.5 slick. 
   Ask any drag racer that’s run both a radial and a bias ply their opinion and you’ll likely get the same range of responses. In general, a bias ply is more forgiving off the starting line, particularly on hot or less-than-stellar surfaces, and with its sidewall characteristics, is typically quicker to sixty-feet. The radial, meanwhile, takes more finesse at the initial hit, but makes up for it with a smoother ride and additional speed thanks to the stiffness and improved rolling resistance.  It’s perhaps that initial hit that really makes the difference, as bias ply tires can spin and re-hook, while radials are known to spin and then just continue to spin. But put a radial on a well-prepped racing surface — the “flypaper” type of track, as it’s become known — and a radial is hard to beat. 
   West Coast Outlaw 8.5 hitter Anthony Smith has already put the 3052R through its paces this spring, knocking a tenth of a second off his previous career best on the bias ply tire. 
   Mickey Thompson adds 5 new sizes to Baja ATZP3 Tire Line.  The Baja ATZ P3 has a unique 'hybrid' design between an all-terrain and mud terrain to give you the grip you need for your weekend adventures and the smooth ride to get you down the road in comfort with  an extra wide footprint and beefy tread blocks for great all around traction.  All sizes feature PowerPly™ 3-ply sidewall construction.  Deep, aggressive sidebiters for improved protection.  Multi-draft grooves for self-cleaning and improved wear.  

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