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Diablosport Tuning at Marken Performance

   Let your North American parts dealer Marken Performance install your Trinity, inTune or Power Puck Diablosport tuner and show you the results on our dyno machine. Diablosport tuners are quality made in the U.S.A. with updates for newer vehicles over the website. Diablosport tuners cover many car manufacturers such as Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Jeep, Pontiac, GMC, Chrysler, Cadillac and Hummer, in both gasoline and diesel applications for cars and trucks such as your Mustang, Camaro or Challenger.

   Depending on the Diablosport product being used, you may remap/optimize the air/fuel ratio, change shift points and shift firmness on automatic transmissions, log data, alter ignition curve and more. All HP and Torque gains are measured at the wheels, not the flywheel. All programmers support custom tunes such as cold air intakes, nitrous, headers, cams, superchargers, turbos up to 1,000 HP. Free on-line updates for life.

  Since 1995 Marken Performance and Restoration Inc. has been your local and national supplier for high performance auto parts. At Marken Performance we have seen the computer tuning market expand. We carry brands that are proven. Not only is the HP number important improved driveability and fuel economy are just as important. Diablosport by Marken Performance is a recommended choice for your late model Muscle car just as much as a fantastic choice for your Truck. We can feel confident recommending these products whether you are racing your car or hauling a load down the expressway.

  A few products are listed below.

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  • Trinity T1000 Tuner & Gauge Display Trinity T1000 Tuner & Gauge Display   The Trinity features full Reflash/Reprogram capability, Advanced Data Acquisition, and Customizable Gauges -- all displayed and controlled on a slim color touch screen, easy to use device. It comes preloaded with tunes for 87, 91, 93 octane gasoline as well as diesel vehicles from Ford, GM, and Dodge, all under one part number. In addition to the extensive tuning support, it's loaded with other features like the programmable shift lights, gauge display, virtual drag strip, and data logging up to 45 gauges for 5 hours. There’s also the option for those looking to get the most out of their daily commute, who can utilize the MPG Booster tune and as much as 2-3 MPG. The DiabloSport Trinity T1000 allows you to check your vehicle's own Diagnostics, and clearing the codes out! Not only will it provide you with the specific OBD-II Trouble code designation, but you'll also get a full text description of the code that you can use to help diagnose your vehicle.

  • Power Puck Power Puck   The DiabloSport Extreme PowerPuck is one of the most powerful inline devices available today. Using the “Diablo Dial” you can adjust up to 100 different power levels “on the fly” which can yield up to an additional 100 horsepower for your Diesel. Easy installation with factory spec interlocking connectors and supplied adapter harness. Stackable with the DiabloSport inTune and Trinity. Add 2-3 MPG to your fuel economy.



  • i2 inTune Tuner i2 inTune Tuner    inTune delivers an enhanced user experience with easy-to-understand menus controlled through a color touchscreen, automatic USB updates via the internet. Part # i2010 (Chrysler); part # i2020 (Ford); part # i2030 (GM).  The DiabloSport inTune has all of the famous preloaded tunes and available adjustments in a smaller, more advanced, and easier-to-use device! Other options include TCM (Transmission Control Module) control to adjust automatic shift characteristics, DOD (Active Fuel Management) disable, speedometer adjustment for gear and tire changes, and raising speed and rev limiters. Now you can tune multiple vehicles with 1 product, just purchase a licence.
      inTune really improves the 2014 GM 5.3 ltr Truck; tunes included are 87 octane tune, MPG Booster Tune, and the Diablo tune, which should be used with octane higher than 91. Increases of up to 15 hp and 20 ft lbs of torque can be seen across the entire RPM range with the Diablo Tune.

  • Catch Can Catch Can   Diablosport has a few different styles of catch cans for Hemi engines. These catch cans eliminate all of that oil being transferred into your intake manifold through the factory PCV system decreasing the horsepower, torque, performance and life span of your vehicle. The DiabloSport Catch Can is easily installed and immediately "catches" all of that engine oil before it can be tranferred into one of your vehicle's most important components, the intake manifold. Oil deposited in the manifold will drip into the combustion chamber, and oil does not like to burn. The DiabloSport Catch Can will directly increase the overall performance of your vehicle by keeping your intake manifold clean and operating at it's maximum performance.

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