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  Let your K&N Canadian & USA parts dealer Marken Performance supply you with your K&N cold air intake (CAI) or short ram intake (SRI) with gains proven on a Dyno Machine.

  K&N is a world class filtration company selling air filters, oil filters, air intake kits, breather elements and fuel filters in over 30 countries.

  K&N air intakes are a quality product that will NOT give you a "Check Engine Light" like some other aftermarket intakes and are "C.A.R.B." approved (California Air Resource Board) which has the strictest guidelines for emissions. K&N Blackhawk air intake kits are not C.A.R.B. approved.

  Since 1995 Marken Performance and Restoration Inc. has been your national supplier for high performance auto parts. Not only is the HP number important improved driveability and fuel economy are just as important. K&N by Marken Performance is a recommended choice for your late model Muscle car just as much as a fantastic choice for your Truck, Motorcycle, ATV or Marine boat. We can feel confident recommending these products whether you are racing your car or hauling a load down the expressway.

  K&N Engineering in Riverside California is the world's leading manufacturer of washable performance air filters and air intake systems. K&N invented the reusable high flow cotton air filter in 1969 and has been perfecting the technology ever since. A few products are listed below.

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  • Air Intake Kits Air Intake Kits

     K&N has been improving automotive power and torque for over 20 years with easy to install air intakes. K&N air intakes are specifically engineered to use existing factory holes and mounting points, making installation simple. The vast majority of our cold air intakes (CAI) do NOT require any cutting or drilling so adding performance is simple. Some kits can also be converted to SRI (Short Ram Intake). Each Kit is: Guaranteed Horsepower; K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®; Easy to Install-usually in 90 minutes or less.

     To see the latest products, such as K&N's new Blackhawk air intakes (not legal for highway use in California or other states adopting California emission standards) skim through our "News" Section.

     K&N engineers looked at the vehicle’s air box (the container that houses the air filter) and any hoses or duct work connecting it to the engine. Because the air must first travel through this system before it reaches the carburetor or throttle body, the overall size and shape of the system has a profound effect on air flow. Air, like water, does not like to turn corners nor does it react favorably when confronted by an obstruction such as a sharp bend in a hose or a baffle. In many cases, the air box and/or the hoses and duct work used to create the air filtration system is just as restrictive as the original paper filter element. In some extreme cases, the air box and/or the air delivery system is the greatest source of restriction. The inlet to the air box is a good example. In many instances this opening is one half the cross sectional area of the throttle body or carburetor opening. It would be like trying to run a marathon while breathing through a soda straw.

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  • K&N Oil Filters K&N Oil Filters

     K&N's premium wrench-off Performance Gold line of automotive and marine canister oil filters were developed to meet the high performance demands of race applications. They have rapidly become popular for their canister strength and durability. These canister style oil filters are designed to handle higher oil pressures than a standard oil filter and can be used with the latest synthetic motor oils. Most of these premium automotive and marine canister oil filters come with a 1 inch welded nut on the top that makes removal easy. We use thicker canister walls for extra strength and durability which reduces the risk of damage from loose rocks and debris. The durable construction will withstand higher oil pressures found only in racing environments without bursting. The drilled hole on the nut is for a safety wire attachment. Required for many types of racing, the safety wire prevents blown oil filters from falling on the track and representing a hazard to other race vehicles.

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  • K&N OE Replacement Filters K&N OE Replacement Filters

     K&N manufactures air filters for just about every car and truck on the road. K&N automotive stock OE replacement drop-in air filters are made with an oiled cotton media that is washable and reusable. They are designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life with more power. This will not void any OE warranty. As an additional level of comfort, we also offer our Consumer Protection Pledge. It takes customer service to an even higher level by giving you confidence that when you buy K&N you get on-going support from a team of professionals who will talk directly to dealerships to resolve any questions that may come up.

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  • K&N Conical Air Filters K&N Conical Air Filters

     K&N's Conical Air Filters are the ultimate for performance. Whenever possible, performance enthusiasts should install a K&N 360 degree open-element filter. A correctly sized conical or round filter will deliver virtually unrestricted air flow. And, as we have learned, providing the engine with all of the air it needs promotes optimum performance. In a high speed application, a K&N filter will straighten the air which counteracts turbulence.

      To see various styles available from K&N, click on the picture.

     There is also drycharger covers which are water repellant yet allow air through.   Drycharger Info

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  • Fuel/Oil Filters Fuel/Oil Filters

     These In-Line Fuel/Oil Filters range from simple plastic to Heavy Duty Race applications. Can be used with oil and fuel applications including Methanol and they can handle Pressure ratings up to 205psi and flow up to 18 gals/min with there stainless steel media material that covers 60 sq.in.

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  • Cabin Air Filters Cabin Air Filters

    K&N Washable Cabin Air Filters. This replaces your vehicle's stock cabin air filter with a washable and reusable version. K&N’s cabin air filters are made from a special non-woven synthetic media, and supported on a flexible polyurethane frame. K&N's Refresher kit # 99-6000 for washable cabin air filters comes with a 12 ounce pump spray bottle of cabin filter cleaner, an 8 ounce pump spray bottle of cabin air filter Refresher and complete cleaning instructions. K&N's cabin air filter refresher increases the electrostatic properties of the cabin air filter helping it to trap contaminants. K&N recommends servicing your Washable Cabin Air Filter every 12 months or 12,000 miles.


  • Breather Filters Breather Filters

     K&N supplies various breather filters in chrome or rubber as well as shielded. Push in and screw in is also available.  Click on picture to see all.

     Some Fancy Re-Usable ones (like the picture) in  BLUE  RED  WHITE 

  To see the latest products from all suppliers, skim through our "News" Section: News Section



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