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Holley Carburetors, Intakes and Accessories from Marken

   Let your Holley canadian parts and service dealer Marken Performance install your Holley Parts and show you the results on our dyno machine. Marken Performance will fine tune your Holley carburetor air/fuel ratio and check your timing to get the most out of your vehicle. Marken Performance will also rebuild your Holley carburetor. Holley products include new and remanufactured carburetors, efi throttle bodies, efi kit, engine management computer (HP, Avenger, Dominator), fuel pump, intake manifold, LS oil pan, LS engine brackets and pulleys which are all quality made in the U.S.A.

  Since 1995 Marken Performance and Restoration Inc. has been your KW local and national supplier for high performance auto parts. Not only is the HP number important improved driveability and fuel economy are just as important. Holley by Marken Performance is a recommended choice for your late model Muscle car just as much as a fantastic choice for your Truck. We can feel confident recommending these products whether you are racing your car or hauling a load down the expressway.

  Holley products have been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Other Holley companies include: Hooker Headers, Flowtech Headers, NOS, Weiand, or Earl's. Big New Features available for Holley's latest V2 Engine Management Systems include the extremely controllable Boost Control for Turbo cars as well as the full featured Traction Control capability.

  A few products are listed below.

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  • Holley Intake Manifolds Holley Intake Manifolds

      Holley has various quality Intake Manifolds from street to strip. The Modular Mid-Rise intake utilizes the popular Holley LS1/LS2/LS6 cathedral port Mid-Rise 2 x 4 intake manifold along with a purpose built plenum base adapter and a Holley 92MM EFI plenum top which converts it into a Mid-Rise EFI intake manifold which is available from your Holley Canadian dealer Marken Performance in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. With a max overall height of only 10.44”, the Mid-Rise manifold is an excellent choice for street and performance street/strip applications with a powerband from 1,500-6,500 RPM and limited hood clearance. The Holley LS “Hi-Ram” intake manifold is a significant performance element for the COPO Camaro.

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  • Carburetors Carburetors
      Holley carburetors now include E85 compatibility. Holley carburetors have powered every NASCAR® Sprint® Cup team and every NHRA® Pro–Stock champion for four decades. Holley Carburetors include traditional street carburetos as well as the Ultra 4150 HP and the Holley Dominator. The Holley Dominator Gen 3 carb for racing is 3.8 pounds or 28 pecent lighter than the original model and can be ordered form Marken Performance, Kitchener. The Ultra Dominator comes in three finishes: shiny aluminum with either black or red billet metering blocks or Hard Core Gray with a black metering block. Additional options include a throttle position sensor kit for data acquisition systems, air-scoop adapters in different finishes and large-bore carb spacers will soon be available. The Gen 3 Dominator is available in six different sizes: 950, 1050, 1150, 1250, 1350 or 1475 cfm.
      To help you choose the proper carburetor, Holley now has an on-line program where you input your needs and get results. There is also a video on that page for clarification. To try this: ClickMe and scroll down.

     For more Carburetors and info, please click on the picture

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  • Throttle Bodies Throttle Bodies Holley has many different Throttle Bodies from street to drag racing for your Ford, GM or Chrysler vehicle. They even have 4 barrel throttle bodies.

  • Hydramat Fuel Pick Up Hydramat Fuel Pick Up Holley’s new Hydramat solves fuel pickup issues for good by picking up fuel under hard cornering, heavy acceleration, and under low fuel conditions. The Hydramat has a material that wicks the fuel to the pickup – it doesn’t have to be touching the fuel much at all in order to provide the fuel supply. Its flexible nature makes it an easy install in just about any type of fuel tank; it can be compressed down to fit through the pump access hole, and then it recovers its normal shape once the compression is released. A wide variety of shapes and sizes fit all types of fuel cells and tanks. Click on pic for more info and how to select one for your vehicle.

  • Holley Fuel Pumps Holley Fuel Pumps

     Holley’s has OE replacement Fuel Pumps to their new HP™ and Dominator™ Billet in-line Brushless Fuel Filters.

      Holley® Billet Fuel Filters are precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum for strength and durability. They feature a black bright dip anodized body and clear bright dip anodized ends for superior corrosion resistance and good looks. Holley® Billet Fuel Filters are available in a variety of configurations in 100, 175, and 260 GPH and 10, 40 and 100 micron ratings.

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  • Holley efi Systems Holley efi Systems

    Converting from carburetor to EFI is easier with Holley’s new multi-point EFI systems. The Holley EFI kits are available in 4 bbl throttle body, 4 bbl multi-port and what Holley calls the Stealth Ram style EFI. The Terminator 950 cfm 4 bbl throttle body has the fuel delivered below the throttle plates like in NASCAR. The 4 bbl Multi-Port Fuel Injection (MPFI up to 2000 cfm) kits comes with an intake manifold and the fuel is injected at each intake port in the intake manifold, just above the cylinder head. Their Dominator ECU can control nitrous, methanol, boosted applications for the dragstrip! Click on Pic for more info and part numbers.

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  • Holley LS Brackets, Pulleys, Accessories Holley LS Brackets, Pulleys, Accessories

      Holley now has accessory drive kits for the LS GM engines, specifically designed for swapping a Generation III or IV engine into their older vehicle. These bracket kits are available from Marken Performance with Corvette, F-body, or Truck drive offsets, with or without A/C, and can be used with any water pump or balancer offsets. They come with an OEM quality natural finish but can easily be painted, coated, or plated. Holley also offers pulleys, tensioners, a/c compressor, power steering pump and reservoir. Click on Pic for more info.

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