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  Let Marken Performance install your MSD ignition parts and show you the results on our dyno machine. MSD products: MSD ignition coil, MSD distributor, MSD Atomic LS, MSD efi kit, MSD ignition controller, MSD starter, MSD alternator, MSD spark plug wires which are all quality made in the U.S.A.

   MSD covers many car manufacturers such as Ford, Dodge, Chevy for cars such as your Mustang, Camaro or Challenger. Since 1995 Marken Performance and Restoration Inc. has been your national supplier for high performance Auto parts. At Marken Performance we have seen the computer tuning market expand. We carry brands that are proven. We can feel confident recommending MSD products whether you are racing your car or hauling a load down the expressway.

  MSD started investigating a new ignition system by using modern technology called capacitive discharge (CD). The CD design opened another door for the ignition, the capability to spark multiple times. MSD has produced the best performing and most popular performance ignitions for over 20 years. The high energy spark of the CD design combined with multiple sparks resulted in a potent ignition. Not only did the multiple spark discharge (MSD) ignite the lean fuel mixture, it made overall improvements in the engine's performance! Improved starting, smooth idle, less emissions and more power are benefits every car and truck can take advantage of, especially race cars. Professional racers learned of the new MSD quickly and soon word spread throughout the racing world. Since then, MSD Ignition Controls have gone on to be the ignition of choice of the top professional drivers in NHRA, IHRA, NASCAR, World of Outlaws, DIRT, SCORE, IDBA and many more.

  A few products are listed below.

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  • MSD Ignition Contoller MSD Ignition Contoller

    The one on left is one of several Ignition Control Modules. There is a different control module for every application including your daily driver, turbos and blown engines, circle trackers and even 200+ mph Pro Modified Cars.

    The MSD 6AL Ignition Control set the standards that other ignitions strive to reach. The wiring is all routed out one end of the unit through a sealed and locking connector. This eases installation and keeps your wiring looking neat and clean. The rev limiter was moved right on top of the housing for easy access to the two rotary dials to set the limit in 100 rpm increments. For more info, including how to re-wire & disassemble plug, please click on the picture.

    MSD has an updated and improved version of the popular ignition control box and has come out with a special “LS” line for LS Engines. Part # 6014 is Red and # 60143 is Black --- they both replace part #’s 6010 or # 6012. New features of the LS Ignition Control Box include; high speed data acquisition, an optional coolant temperature sensor input, idle timing control, as well as individual cylinder timing. These features are in addition to the existing programmable step retard, launch retard and RPM rev limiters from its predecessor.


  • MSD DynaForce Alternators and Starters MSD DynaForce Alternators and Starters
       MSD's DynaForce Starters/Alternators are hand assembled in the USA and never rebuilt or refurbished units. The DynaForce alternator line has been developed in both a street and race package. Our new DynaForce Starter is designed to crank over the highest compression engines on a hot day in Death Valley. A Dynaforce High Speed starter is also offered designed for race engines with magnetos that require more demanding cranking speed.

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  • MSD Distributors MSD Distributors

     MSD is the best distributor you will ever own. Whether your looking for OE replacement performance or racing distributors MSD has you covered. Every feature is designed to provide the best in performance and endurance to top off your ignition system.

     MSD also offers distributors that have been approved by CARB for use in all the states.

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  • MSD Atomic LS Award Winning Product MSD Atomic LS Award Winning Product

    The MSD LS Atomic EFI kit integrates the fuel rails with the engine management computer itself. This has a superior advantage in that it virtually eliminates most of the wiring harness associated with an EFI engine swap. By having the computer co-located with the fuel rails, it also cools the electronics, another bonus. The injectors of the throttle body can support approximately 625 horsepower on naturally aspirated applications.

    For Nitrous fans, a wet system (one that supplies its own fuel to compensate for nitrous) must be incorporated. From the Atomic handheld monitor you'll be able to program a target air/fuel ratio that will be used when the nitrous is activated. There is also a timing setting that will retard the timing during nitrous activation as well.

    Boost: The throttle body incorporates a 2-bar MAP sensor and can manage up to 14-psi of boost. There is value for a target air/fuel ratio during boost on the handheld monitor as well as a timing retard that is based off timing per pound of boost.

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