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  Let your North American parts and service dealer Marken Performance install your BD Diesel Performance products and show you the results on our dyno machine. BD Diesel are very diverse with selling and designing: BD Diesel turbocharger systems, BD Diesel electronic controls for automatic transmissions, providing upgrade BD Diesel transmissions, BD Diesel intake and x-intake systems, air to air and water to air BD Diesel intercoolers, BD Diesel engine brakes, injector and pump designs, exhaust recirculating systems, flex plates, short-throw shift kits, engine high rpm shut down devices, suspension components and many other new products. With design, manufacturing and testing in-house, we can assure the utmost quality in our products. Many awards have been awarded to BD Diesel from SEMA and the industry over the years.

  BD Diesel applications are all done in house, located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, BD's state-of-the-art facilities cover 65,000 square feet. BD Diesel's goal is to be an innovative company and a world class manufacturer that distributes products Worldwide for North American Diesel vehicles.

  Since 1995 Marken Performance and Restoration Inc. has been your national supplier for Canada & USA supplying high performance Auto parts like BD Diesel. At Marken Performance we have seen the computer tuning market expand. We carry brands that are proven. Not only is the HP number important improved driveability and fuel economy are just as important, just as BD Diesel products are.

  A few products are listed below.

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  • Turbo Chargers Turbo Chargers

     Specializing in Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins, Komatsu, Toyota, automotive, light duty pick-up, agriculture, marine, commercial, industrial and gas & diesel applications. Turbochargers are available for Big Rig trucks such as: Mack, Volvo, Navistar, and these big engines: CAT, Detroit and Cummins. BD Diesel also has Upgraded Turbos for your Dodge, Chevy and Ford pick-up trucks.

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  • Transmissions Transmissions

     BD specializes in Ford, Dodge and GM/Allison truck transmissions. Every one of BD's complete exchange tow or race transmission assemblies is designed to handle double the amount of factory torque. BD Diesel gives you confidence when towing or racing.

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  • Transmission Oil Coolers Transmission Oil Coolers

     BD’s X-Truded Transmission Oil Coolers are now available in Single OR Double Stacked. These new coolers uses the same high efficiency Micro Extruded bar technology that is BD’s air-to-air Charge Air Coolers, providing 22% more cooling over other designs to help extend the life of your transmission as heat is the #1 killer of transmissions. Xtruded Transmission Oil Cooler packages are available to accommodate 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 and 5/8 transmission cooler lines and come complete with all fittings, clamps, hoses, hardware and a Build-It-Yourself galvanized bracket kit for quicker and cleaner installation.

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  • Throttle Sensitivity Booster Throttle Sensitivity Booster

     The inherent lag built into the electronic system can be frustrating to the driver, but those days are now long-gone. By reducing the pedal lag, the BD Diesel Throttle Sensitivity Booster forces your performance curve to occur sooner to achieve quicker turbocharger spooling. Easy to install module with factory connections is adjustable to boost throttle signals by 50% or 100%. Available for Ford, Dodge and Chevy

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  • Sway Bar End Link and Track Bars Sway Bar End Link and Track Bars

     The sway bar end links on the 2000-2009 4WD 2500/3500 (Diesel and HEMI) are prone to wearing or pounding out, and, even breaking when the truck is lifted on 2-post vehicle lifts due to the stress of the axel dropping. BD's Sway Bar End Links have a Dual Pivot Design that allows for greater amount of articulation and less stress.

  • High Idle Kits High Idle Kits
       Let Marken Performance help in warming your Ford Power Stroke engine faster on cold mornings with BD Diesel High Idle Kit part # 1036610 for 2003-2014 Ford 6.0L, 6.4L or 6.7L trucks.  Quick and easy to install, the High Idle switch mounts on the dashboard and taps onto five wires under the dash.
     Great to use for remote starters, PTO’s and extended idling applications.
       It is also available for the Chevy Duramax Diesel:
       # 1036600     2001-2004 Chev Duramax LB7
       # 1036605     2004-2006 Chev Duramax LLY

  • Exhaust Manifolds Exhaust Manifolds

     BD Diesel's exhaust manifolds were designed with expansion joints and heavy webbing to prevent cracking. The exhaust runner design maintains exhaust velocity to drive the turbine wheel. Runner size does not go beyond the size of the exhaust ports on the head because when the runners are larger, the velocity to drive the turbo is lost due to the expansion and temperature in the exhaust manifold reduces the turbine drive pressure needed for turbocharger response. BD’s SEMA Award Winning (for Dodge) 1-Piece Stainless Exhaust Manifolds do not require the expansion joints because of the ability of the Stainless Steel to withstand higher heat without cracking.

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     To maximize your manifold, BD Diesel also supplys Diverter Valves to spool up your Turbo quicker

  • Exhaust Brake Kits Exhaust Brake Kits

     BD Diesel's Exhaust Brake has an exclusive Variable Butterfly Technology, providing peak retarding power throughout the engine’s rpm range unlike some models that rely on a hole/orifice within the butterfly to calibrate back-pressure only in the higher engine RPM. The Butterfly is constantly exercising thus reducing the possibility of carbon and rust deposit forming that can cause premature ware and binding. Furthermore no maintenance or lubricating is required providing miles of trouble free service. Stainless steel butterfly shaft that has proven to stand up under the harsh, high-heat conditions of the exhaust environment. The offset butterfly valve won’t stick, and has been strategically placed in the elbow so that it won’t impede exhaust flow when in the open position. Brake valve is actuated by an air cylinder (newer models) or a powerful, three-inch vacuum cylinder (earlier models).

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  • Engine Power Programming Engine Power Programming

    BD Dieselboosts your fuel economy of your Big Rig by more than 10% with injecting your fuel earlier in the combustion cycle. The Econo-Boost module produces 30-35 more horsepower utilizing the same amount of fuel thus reducing your visible smoke, and, at least 65oF cooler EGT’s and 10oF lower coolant temperatures. Simply plug into your CAT or Cummins ISX engines and start saving money!

    For pick up trucks, BD Diesel also offers selectable power gains of 30 hp to 140 hp are possible (depending on application), along with improved fuel economy and better driveability overall. The Ultra X-Tuner simply plugs into the vehicle’s OBD II port, and allows you to read diagnostic codes, recalibrate the speedometer for larger tires, and raise/eliminate the vehicle’s top speed limiter.

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  • Cam Caster Adjuster Kit Cam Caster Adjuster Kit
       Have trouble keeping your Ford truck driving straight? Oversize tires, suspension lift kits or just levelling the truck is likely the cause! Alterations like installation of a suspension lift or levelling kit can cause the steering pivot axis and tire position to swing rearward resulting in negative castor. This results in wandering, wobble, pulling and stiff steering. Even larger tires can exaggerate the problem and require more positive castor adjustment than the stock truck is capable of.
       By installing BD's Cam Caster Adjustor Kit # 1032100 on the radius control arms of the Ford 2005-2010 Super Duty pick-ups (Diesel or gas), correcting the caster to a more positive angle is made easier. Reduces tire cupping and helps steering wheel return to center!

  • Air X-Intake & Plenum Air X-Intake & Plenum

     Improve turbo response and reduce boost pressure drop/loss on the stock intake system. BD’s Intake Elbow plenum for the Dodge 6.7L is 74% larger than stock. They also have a bigger Plenum Elbow for the Ford 6.0 L. Improve your throttle response with BD’s large bulbous intake plenum which holds extra reserve air available to improve turbo response time on acceleration. The smooth radius turns reduces air flow turbulence.

     For more info and Part Numbers please click on the picture.     X-Intake Video

  Shop BD Diesel for your BD Diesel parts in North America or phone 1-888-401-1362


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